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From sand to multi media, from nutshell to activated carbon, from zeolite to pyrolusite, our pressure media filters portfolio covers most of the needs of solids separation from liquid streams. 



Filter regeneration may include air or gas scouring (use of fuel or nitrogen gas is advised when oxygen contamination may be harmful to the process fluid). Backwash with filtered or feed water. Preservice when off-spec fluid cannot be forwarded to users. When possible waste stream recovery. And, always, fluid consumption optimization. This is our customized design of our media filters.

Filtering Media

Our media are carefully selected case by case, to meet the required filtration grade taking into account the quality of the feed stream and nature of the solids to be removed. They include:

  • Graded river sand
  • Multigraded garnet
  • Carbon anthracite
  • Selected nutshell
  • Granular activated carbon
  • Special media


  • RO feed and ion exchange pretreatment
  • Well water injection
  • Producer water treatment
  • Oily or HC contaminated waste streams
  • Iron and manganese removal

Biomass Power Plant
Copenhagen’s ambition is becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by year 2025, and the whole project was born as environmental-friendly.
North Field East Project (NFE)
Unidro has been awarded the water treatment packages by CTJV, a joint venture of Chiyoda Corporation (Japan) and Technip Energies, for the North Field East Project (“NFE”). The NFE Project covers the delivery of 4 mega trains, each with a capacity of 8 million tons per annum (“Mtpa”) of Liquified Natural Gas (“LNG”), and associated utility facilities.
Southern US
The availability of low cost natural gas has reduced operating costs of large petrochemical plants down to modern day record lows which has created a “once in a century opportunity” for the petrochemical industry.
This is one of the strategic mega-projects of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) with the goal to upgrade and expand the two existing KNPC refineries at Mina Abdulla (MAB) and Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA).
Papua New Guinea LNG Project
Started in 2008 and completed in 2014, Papua New Guinea (PNG) LNG project is an integrated development that is commercializing the gas resources of Papua New Guinea.
Rasgas, LNG and Gas Processing Trains, Ras Laffan (Qatar)
Ras Laffan Liquefied Gas Company (Rasgas) was established in 1993 by Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil.