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[ Water Injection ]

In the “water flooding” or “water injection” process the water is injected into the oil producing rock displacing oil towards a second well where the oil is extracted.

The fresh water which have to be injected needs to be thorouly treated in order to prevent wells plug. The treatment may involve removal of oil traces, suspended solids and oxygen, as well as chemical conditioning.



Media and guard filters are normally combined for injection water treatment. Unidro high velocity media filters, with accurately graded media layers and special inlet/outler water distributors allows to reach a very high treated water quality, thus releaving the downstream guard filters from frequent clogging.

Unidro disposable or backwashable elements can be chosen for guard filters and both low pressure (at injection pumps suction side) or high pressure (after injection pumps) equipment is available.

Vacuum Degasifiers

Vacuum degasifier is often the crucial process step in the water injecton system, being vacuum technology less widely mastered then water filtration. Unidro specific experience in degasifiers and deoxygenation units ensure a poper design and an optimized arrangement of this unit, including vacuum tower and vacuum system. Namely, vacuum towers and vacuum ejectors are fabricated in our shop.

Injection Manifolds

Unidro can design and fabricate the high pressure distribution manifolds for water distribution to wells or, where required, for both water distribution and oil collection. The manifolds are fully preassembled on self supporting skids, equipped with motorised valves and, as required, flow meters to monitor flowrates to each well.

Process Filters
Unidro process filters cover a wide range of application for gas and hydrocarbon filters, including solid removal from gas and liquid, liquid/gas and liquid/liquid separation.
Nutshell filters
When the issue is the removal of oil and suspended solids form difficult water streams, the Nutshell Filters often represents the most efficient and reliable treatment technology.
BTEx stripping
BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylenes), are one of the most water soluble Hydrocarbon processed in a typical Oil & Gas field.
Dispersed oil may be efficiently removed from contaminated water by means of flotation, i.e. by injecting a suitable amount of gas.