Unidro is part of Saur rebranding campaign

Saur adopts a purpose and unveils a new brand identity in support of its new ambition to become the champion of the water transition by 2030.

It is the expression of a dynamic company, attentive to its stakeholders and focused on the future. With its brand signature, Mission Water, Saur reaffirms its commitments to act, campaign and unite all players, to create a more secure world for future generations.

Adopting the new logo and reflecting a deep innovation in our communication and brand style gives Unidro the opportunity, two years after we become part of Saur as member of the Nijhuis Saur Industry team, to give our stakeholders a strong sign of the innovation process we are part of.

The new visual identity has been designed to express Saur mission and corporate plan. Both are represented by a stylized and consistently balanced symmetrical motion; a perpetually developing force that looks to the future and listens to its ecosystem. They also symbolize the combined strengths of Saur and its ability to offer confidence and protection for today and tomorrow. Its color reasserts Saur’s fundamental water industry expertise. Its shape represents the unity of our Group and its commitment to actively involving all stakeholders in saving and conserving water resources. The overall impression is of a wave in motion on the surface of the water.

Saur press release.


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