[Trouble Shooting]

As part of a service agreement or on the spot basis, our specialists provide the best support to client team for a prompt and effective management of any trouble that may occur to the utilities units, even in emergency conditions.

Our team is your team, our office is your office, YOUR problem is OUR problem.

Prompt Action

Immediate support is available from our specialists to our client’s operational team in case of any trouble. Depending on the circumstance, our response may include remote assistance (telephone, e-mail, video-conference), site surveys by Unidro engineers, attendance to meetings at site and/or at clients premises, contacting sub vendor specialists when their involvement is required.

Root Cause Identification

We can provide a detailed summary report of the evidence and information available, root causes investigation, first remedial actions and recommended long-term remedial actions.  We deliver this report to the operators and a thorough discussion is held before the case is closed.

Assistance to Operators

Unidro’s process team can provide a full specialized support and assistance in case of any issue associated with the unit design and process. Optimization of parameters, trouble prevention, and smooth operation plans can also be provided.