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[ Atmospheric & Vacuum Degasifiers ]

Towers, ejectors, condensers and structural internal parts  are designed and manufactured  in house for our vacuum degasifiers to remove oxygen, h2s and other volatile from water streams.


Multiple applications

Our experience includes atmospheric and vacuum degasifiers for CO2 and Oxygen removal units for demineralisation unit, boiler feed water, process water, injection water, H2S removal units from process and waste water streams and Btex stripping.

Design and fabrication

Process and mechanical design of each piece of equipment is made by our engineers for each customer.
In case of vacuum degasifiers, Unidro know-how covers the design and fabrication of the complete vacuum package, including ejectors and condenser.
When special internals are required we may select them with our suppliers in order to assure the required performances to our clients.
According to each project requirements, Unidro scope of supply may include individual equipment (vessel with internals) as well as complete skid packages (single or multiple equipment with interconnecting piping, instruments pumps and vacuum systems fully assembled on skid and ready to be installed).


  • CO2 and oxygen removal for boiler feed water
  • Oxigen removal for well water injection
  • H2S removal for waste streams decontamination
  • BTEX stripping from produced water

Produced water treatment
With experience in water treatment, a wide separation equipment portfolio and a specific know-how on wellhead processes Unidro is a highly qualified partner for PWT.
Water injection
In the “water flooding” or “water injection” process the water is injected into the oil producing rock displacing oil towards a second well where the oil is extracted.
Cartridge Filters
Unidro can provide a complete range of disposable and backwashable cartridge filters for the standard to the most critical applications in the oil and gas industry, both for water, HC and process streams.
Condensate recovery and treatment
Our experience in the water treatment and utilities combined with the wide range of technologies and equipment available in-house, give us a full coverage of the different needs connected to condensate treatment and recovery.