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[ Process Filters ]

Unidro process filters cover a wide range of application for gas and hydrocarbon filters, including solid removal from gas and liquid, liquid/gas and liquid/liquid separation.


The process

Double step filter separators are designed to provide efficient liquid/solid removal from gas streams at high gas capacities
They may include vane separation section, demisters, coalescing stepas required by the design data and the required performances.
Filter separators are designed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration, single or double chamber.

Coalescing Filters

Coalescing is the separation of liquid aerosols and droplets from a gas.
The process can be implemented using specially designed coalescing cartridges or by coalescing plates packs, which allows droplets to run together and to form large drops which may be separated by gravity within the filter. Coalescing efficiency typically ranges from 98 to 99.9% of droplets with size down to 0.3 micron, depending on internals to be used in accordance with application and process requirements, Unidro can manufacture coalescers both in vertical and in horizontal configurations as well as single or double barrel.

Individual equipment or complete package

According to each project requirements, Unidro scope of supply may include individual equipment (filter vessel with internals) as well as complete skid packages (multiple filters with interconnecting piping, instruments fully assembled on skid and ready to be installed).

Produced water treatment
With experience in water treatment, a wide separation equipment portfolio and a specific know-how on wellhead processes Unidro is a highly qualified partner for PWT.
Water injection
In the “water flooding” or “water injection” process the water is injected into the oil producing rock displacing oil towards a second well where the oil is extracted.
Cartridge Filters
Unidro can provide a complete range of disposable and backwashable cartridge filters for the standard to the most critical applications in the oil and gas industry, both for water, HC and process streams.
Wellhead equipment
Unidro is able to provide a wide range of Crude Oil Treatment process solutions for the Offshore/Onshore Oil&Gas Industry.