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Dispersed oil may be efficiently removed from contaminated water by means of flotation, i.e. by injecting a suitable amount of gas. Usually air is used but when oxygen should not be added to the water to limit corrosion or also to avoid potentially explosive gas mixtures nitrogen or fuel gas can be chosen.

Unidro has know-how to size, design and fabricate different type of flotators.

Induced Gas Flotators IGF/IAF

Both turbine type and ejector type flotators are available.

Mostly applied for treating produced water, when a coars deioiling is required, Unidro IGF are efficient and simple and can treat large flowrate.

Dissolved Gas Flotators (DGF or DAF)

Dissolved air flotator is very effective in removing finely dispersed oil and light suspended solids. Their application includes refinery oily water, biologically treated effluents, produced water and open drain. The system includes gas saturation vessel and recirculation pump. We have rectangular or circular DAF, tank in concrete or steel.

Vertical Type Flotators (CFU)

Increasingly stringent environmental discharge requirements plus the constant pressure to reduce equipment footprint have led to the development of the Compact Flotation Unit (CFU). Unidro has brought the experience on traditional flotators ahead to match this new challenge as well.

The complete in-house design and fabrication

The complete equipment, vessels, ejectors, distributors and skimmers as well as the structural internal parts are manufactured and assembled in our shop, which is qualified by National Board and U-Stamp holder. The extent of shop pre-assembly is evaluated case by case, with our customers.

Produced water treatment
With experience in water treatment, a wide separation equipment portfolio and a specific know-how on wellhead processes Unidro is a highly qualified partner for PWT.
Waste water treatment and reuse
With a wide experience in the treatment of industrial wastewater and the knowledge to treat difficult process streams, we can match the most demanding regulations worldwide and handle the critical problem of water reuse.
Cartridge Filters
Unidro can provide a complete range of disposable and backwashable cartridge filters for the standard to the most critical applications in the oil and gas industry, both for water, HC and process streams.
Nutshell filters
When the issue is the removal of oil and suspended solids form difficult water streams, the Nutshell Filters often represents the most efficient and reliable treatment technology.