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Economical use of energy, process performances, equipment reliability: these are the crucial aspects our clients may rely on when chosing Unidro evaporators and clystallizers for their zld projects.


Our solutions

Unidro design includes different options for each project optimization:

  • Single and Multi-effect Evaporation Units
  • Forced Circulation, Rising Film and Falling Film Evaporators
  • Steam Driven, Thermal Recompression and Mechanical Recompression
  • Atmospheric and Vacuum


  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Valuable Products Recovery
  • Water Reuse

Complete In-house Design and Fabrication

The complete design including process optimization, thermodynamic calculation, material selection and equipment sizing is done by our engineering team.

The main process equipment such as evaporator body and heat exchangers are manufactured in our certified fabrication shop.

The extent of shop pre-assembly is evaluated case by case with our customers.

Unidro can provide wide range of evaporation/crystallization technology and system, duly customized to match with various process condition and client needs, either as standalone Unit  or part of a larger systems.

Condensate recovery and treatment
Our experience in the water treatment and utilities combined with the wide range of technologies and equipment available in-house, give us a full coverage of the different needs connected to condensate treatment and recovery.
Cartridge Filters
Unidro can provide a complete range of disposable and backwashable cartridge filters for the standard to the most critical applications in the oil and gas industry, both for water, HC and process stre
Process Filters
Unidro process filters cover a wide range of application for gas and hydrocarbon filters, including solid removal from gas and liquid, liquid/gas and liquid/liquid separation.
Waste Water Treatment
With a wide experience in the treatment of industrial wastewater and the knowledge to treat difficult process streams, we can match the most demanding regulations worldwide and handle the critical problem of water reuse.