The long and comprehensive professional experience of Unidro in the water and utilities related processes is available to customers when needed.

50,000 hours available inhouse for studies, process design, technology development.

Process Optimization - Operation Consultancy

This service may apply to several different cases such as:

    • an existing unit modification to meet new requirements like a change in feed conditions, updated performance requirements or a higher capacity.
    • the checking and verification of operating parameters to optimize  performance.
    • the feasibility of a new technology.
    • the revamping of an existing obsolete plant.

Value Engineering - FEED

Unidro provides value engineering for areas such as a unit optimization study for operation cost reduction, optimization of upstream/downstream treatment steps in order to improve overall efficiency, retrofitting with more up-to-date technologies and much more.rnrnThe service may lead to deliverables such as a Design Report with recommendations, Feasibility Study or even a complete FEED.  Otherwise, it may be limited to simple advice and suggestions.

Feasibility Studies

Unidro’s expertise in design, supply and operation of packages is available to support client’s new initiatives, process studies of new utility units, basic design and economical evaluations.

We can also provide a comparison of different available technologies to allow the organization to make a selection or decision to move forward.  We provide collection of site data, sampling programs and analyses, lab tests and site pilot units.