[Cartridge Filters]

Unidro can provide a complete range of disposable and backwashable cartridge filters both for water, HC and process streams from the standard to the most critical applications in the oil and gas industry.

The Disposable Cartridge Filters

Unidro’s scope of supply may include individual equipment (filter vessel with internals) as well as complete skid packages (multiple filters with interconnecting piping, instruments fully assembled on skid and ready to be installed).

U-Stamp, quick opening and special layouts are some possible options.

The Backwashable Filter Systems

Unidro mechanical filters are simple and reliable backwashable units for a wide range of process conditions.

When treated fluids or industrial environments are challenging ,our multiple filter systems include a set of backwashable cartridge filters operating in parallel. A nest of ON/OFF valves and instrumentation managed by a PLC allows for a completely automatic operation of service and backwash cycles.

We select each component such as valves, actuators, instrumentation and accessories on a project-to-project basis, thus matching any project requirement, site condition or owner standardization.

Designed and Fabricated for Our Customer

The filter vessels are fabricated for our customers in our certified shop.

Most of our filter elements are designed by our engineers and expressly fabricated for Unidro.

For each application, we design the most suitable filter unit and select the most efficient filtering element to ensure a fully tailor-made product which can meet challenging process specifications