Unidro involved in Zohr Phase-2 (Ramp-Up to Plateau)

After fulfilling the superfast delivery of the packages for Zohr phase-1, Unidro has been renewed ENI’s trust and has been selected for the supply of 3 additional Lean Amine Filtration trains, and 1 additional Demineralized Water production unit based on membrane technology.
Though this phase-2 will largely benefit from the engineering works developed for phase-1, the agreed delivery time (completion within 8 months) represents a new challenge for Unidro, and a new chance to prove to be the right partner for this very fast-track Project.

OGA - 19th Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition

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HCAT Precursor Package for HCAT Feed System Project

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Water Clean Up Package for Borouge 4 Expansion Project

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