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Ultrafiltration technology is widely used in the industrial field as well as in municipal applications. In details UltraFiltration is often adopted as a pre-treatment of Reverse Osmosis thanks to its reliability and efficiency. Removal of suspended solids, organics, bacteria and colloids is achieved with very limited waste.

Unidro Design

Ultrafiltration treatment can be applied on a very wide range of feed fluids. Unidro experience allows to select proper technology within ultrafiltration and to adapt configuration to specific plant needs.

As a key parameter, suitable operating flux shall be selected according with the feed water type and source.

During operation, UF fibers are automatically cleaned through a compressed air scouring or through a water backwash, depending on the application and on client’s needs.

A schedule for inline chemical cleanings is also foreseen for these elements and optimized in accordance with the operating parameters of each installation.


  • Footprint: comparing with traditional pretreatment allows footprint saving, due to very compact installation.
  • Adaptability: we select the most appropriate design with reference to process requirements and flowrate range.
  • Modularity: our systems may be extended by adding modules to increase the water treatment capacity.

Type of Modules

Unidro has experience in design, commissioning and start-up of different Ultrafiltration technologies:

  • Pressurized UF / submerged UF
  • Hollow fiber – Single capillary / Multi-bore
  • Material: PES / PVDF (TIPS or NIPS)
  • High pressure / low pressure
  • Inside – Outside filtration / vice-versa
  • Water backwash / Air scouring
  • Vertical standalone module / Horizontal multi-membrane pressure vessel
  • Dead-end / Crossflow operation