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The EDI Process

Electro-deionization is a continuous process used to polish deionised water, a chemicals-free alternative to conventional resin mixed bed exchangers.

Unidro can supply EDI systems for any application, either as part of complete demineralisation systems (which may include pre-treatment + reverse osmosis) or as stand alone package units. Unidro experience ranges from small capacity systems (typically installed in the pharmaceutical or semi-conductors field) to large plants of several hundred cubic meters per hour capacity, normally supplied in the field of power generation.

Unidro tailor made EDI packages

Unidro’s EDI package units are fully tailor made starting from the process design, to select the most appropriate system configuration (type and number of modules, capacity, recovery factor, power supply, etc).

The units are always equipped with all the necessary provisions for a smooth and safe operation, monitoring and maintenance.

All materials and components including machines, valves and instrumentation are selected to suit the specific project requirements, also in terms of Vendor List (whenever applicable).

The Unidro EDI units are normally supplied as fully pre-fabricated and pre-assembled skids, designed on case-by-case basis to be consistent with the available plot area, and with a view to the ergonomics.