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The Process Principle

Unidro Clariflocculators are designed to remove coarse suspended solids and oil droplets from a oily or waste water stream. They consist in vertical pressure vessels, with a filtering bed made of plastic beads, through which water flows in an upward motion (up-flow filtration). Inlet water is usually pre-treated with coagulation and flocculation, to improve separation. The flocs are stopped by the media bed and can settle in the lower part of the vessel, which has a conical shape, so that the sludge can be easily discharged.

Periodically, the bed is regenerated with the help of backwash water and air or gas scouring, in a fully automatic sequence, managed by PLC or DCS.

All in House

Clariflocculator vessels as well as internal distributors are designed and fully fabricated in our shop. The unit package including valves nest and instruments is fully skid assembled at our shop, delivered to site ready for installation.

Material selection for vessels is carefully evaluated for each case in order to prevent corrosion and guarantee equipment lifetime even in the severe conditions occurring when produced water is handled. PE, GRP, SS, special alloy steels are the available choices for any removable internals to meet each project requirements. Vessels may be lined or metal internal surface may be properly designed including corrosion allowance and/or sacrificial anodes.