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The Process Principle

API separators are used in separation of free oil and solids from effluent water for oily water treatment systems, in order to achieve a primary separation degree.

In particular, the coarse droplets of oil and solid particles are separated by gravity from the water phase, thanks to a suitable retention time.

Each case is different, since density, viscosity, temperature and mechanical disturbances are all factors that strongly affect the separation process.

Basically, primary separation serves as a means of eliminating the bulk of the contaminant phase, in case the water to be treated contains a significant amount of free oil and/or coarse solids (e.g. sand), thus preparing the stream to undergo a finer, more specific separation and treatment, in a following step.

Unidro API Equipment

Unidro provides engineered units, designed case by case to fit all process and project requirements.

When the stream to be treated is Produced Water, API has to be manufactured as a closed drum, normally blanketed with fuel gas or nitrogen to prevent oxygen from air to dissolve into the water.  The drum can be an atmospheric tank or, when the downstream system requires feed pressure, the unit shall be installed in pressure vessels.

Material selection for vessels is carefully evaluated for each case in order to prevent corrosion and guarantee equipment lifetime even in the severe conditions occurring when produced water is handled. PE, GRP, SS, special alloy steels are the available choices for any removable baffle/internals to meet each project requirements. Vessels may be lined or metal internal surface may be properly designed including corrosion allowance and/or sacrificial anodes.