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Saturated brine to feed the membrane process for chlor-alkali plants has to be purified in order to remove suspended solids prior to feed the chelate resin unit for hardness polishing.

Sometimes, the quality of the feed salts requires a double step filtration prior to feed the stream to the secondary purification on chelate resin units. Such double step includes a primary filtration on specially designed anthracite filters followed by precoat filters.

Unidro Anthracite Filters for Brine combine the advantage of a simple, reliable, and well proven system with a reasonable cost and a good performance. Depending on the flowrates to be treated, the filters can be vertical or horizontal type.

Equipment Features

UNIDRO anthracite filters for brine purification are automatic pressure filters, whose unique internal design allows an even distribution of the influent brine and a thorough wash of the filtering layer. The filter wash includes two steps: surface wash and upflow backwash. The sequence is specifically designed for the brine treatment and assures the best performances which can be obtained from this treatment step.

Material Selection

The material selection for the internals and filters accessories is very critical when dealing with hot saturated brine. Unidro experience in this field has led to the optimisation of material selection which include special internal lining of the vessel with low calcium natural rubber, double lined internal distribution pipes, special high temperature resistant nozzle strainers and, for all wet metallic parts, titanium.

Filtration Package or Complete Brine Treatment System

Unidro scope of supply may include the filtration package (multiple filters with interconnecting piping, instruments, control system). If required, the package can be fully assembled on skid and ready to be installed.

The whole package including filters, piping, skids are completely manufactured and assembled in our shop, U-Stamped if required.

Moreover, as Unidro experience in Brine Treatment covers all the process steps, the filtration system can be integrated in the Brine Purification scheme, from clarifier to chelate resin unit.