[Water Injection]

In the “water flooding” or “water injection” process, the water is injected into the oil producing rock displacing oil towards a second well where the oil is then extracted. The fresh water required for injection needs to be thoroughly treated in order to prevent plugging. The chemical conditioning treatment may involve removal of trace oil, suspended solids and oxygen. Unidro has over 20 years experience in water treatment applications for upstream oil and gas.

UNIDRO PROCESS for the production facilities


Media and guard filters are normally combined for the treatment of injection water. Unidro’s high velocity media filters with accurately graded media layers and special inlet/outlet water distributors produces a very high quality of treated water.  This reduces the frequency of downstream guard filter clogging.

Unidro’s disposable or backwashable elements can be selected for guard filters upstream (low pressure) or downstream (high pressure) of the injection pumps.

Vacuum Degasifiers

The vacuum degasifier process is often the crucial step in the water injection system because vacuum technology is required and is less understood than water filtration. Unidro’s extensive experience in degasifiers and deoxygenation units ensures a proper design and an optimized arrangement of the vacuum tower and vacuum system. This is accomplished because the vacuum towers and vacuum ejectors are fabricated in our certified facilities.

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Injection Manifolds

Unidro can design and fabricate the high pressure distribution manifolds for water distribution to wells or where required and for both water distribution and oil collection. The manifolds are fully pre-assembled on self supporting skids, equipped with the required motorized valves and flow meters for monitoring  flow rates to each well.