[Vacuum Degasifiers]

The Product

Unidro can provide a complete range of gas removal units to treat utility and process water streams.  Each gas removal unit is designed to meet the process specifications of our customers.

Our experience includes atmospheric and vacuum degasifiers for the following applications:

  • CO2 and Oxygen removal units for demineralisation, boiler feed, process water and well injection.
  • H2S and BTEx removal units for process waste streams.

Complete In-house Design and Fabrication

Process and mechanical design of each piece of equipment is customized for each customer application by our engineers.

Unidro’s know-how covers the design and fabrication of the complete vacuum package, including vacuum tower, ejectors and condenser. When special internals are required  such as raschig rings, spray nozzles or trays, we select them with our suppliers in order to assure the client’s required performances are met.

Shop Assembly as Required

The complete equipment, vessels, ejectors, condensers as well as the structural internal parts are manufactured and assembled in our shop, which is qualified by the National Board and we are U-Stamp certified. The extent of shop pre-assembly is evaluated case by case, with our customers.