[Spare Parts and Consumables]

When selecting Unidro original spare parts, filter elements or consumable, you get much more than interchangeability, quality, prompt delivery: you also get the full performance guarantee and the make-good service that only a qualified technology provider can assure.

Spare Parts and Consumables Supply

We ensure the prompt availability of a full range of interchangeable spare parts and the supply of consumables such as original filter elements, selected filling media to maintain the performances of the unit under the designer process warranty. Upon request from the end user, our after sales team is ready 24/7 to take immediate action to support the operators with emergency delivery when it is necessary.

Call-off Agreements: As easy as a phone call!

The management of a complete SPIR form covering all itemized components of a package as well as the supply of consumables can be very easy and convenient within the frame of a Call-off Agreement. Multi-year unit pricing is agreed upon and validated, commercial terms and conditions are fixed in the agreement. They are applicable to any individual delivery allowing for easy and trouble free orders from end users and prompt delivery of each piece when needed.

Filter Elements

Thanks to our in-house fabrication and optimized design features, filter elements, disposable cartridges and other consumables can be implemented into an effective stocking program either at Unidro’s home warehouse or at the customer’s premises to grant immediate availability when needed. In some selected locations Unidro’s service and material storage may also be available close to the site.