[Produced Water Treatment]

The Produced Water Problem

Making produced water suitable for reinjection or disposal means to identify and design the necessary separation and conditioning steps taking into account the very peculiar characteristics of each individual site. Inlet water temperature, salinity, chemical stability, oil dispersion as well as outlet parameters need to be taken into account.  Conditions are unique for each individual project and every treatment solution is a case history in itself.
With our experience and specific know how in wellhead processes and water treatment and our wide portfolio of separation equipment, Unidro is a highly qualified partner for your produced water treatment (PWT) challenges.

UNIDRO’s PROCESS for the Production Facilities

Our One Stop Shop Principle

Unidro combines the expertise to deal with your produced water treatment (PWT) problem, the know-how to design a “tailor made” system utilizing a complete portfolio of our own separation equipment.

  • Primary Separation for desanding and coarse oil removal
  • Secondary Separation for fine oil removal
  • Tertiary Separation for suspended solids and oil polishing by media filtration
  • Special treatment BTEx strippers, biological treatment
  • Final guard filtration
  • Injection manifolds

FEED, Process Consultancy, After Sale Site Services

The experience of Unidro in treating produced water in very challenging conditions in North Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific Region gives us the know how to support our clients when the feasibility of a produced water treatment solution is to be investigated and all the required parameters need to be identified and measured. Portable equipment for analysis, jar tests and pilot units for testing can be available during the feasibility study provided by Unidro.

In case of existing facilities, process and know-how support for optimization, revamping, debottlenecking or retrofitting existing equipment can be provided by Unidro teams to clients worldwide.