[Pressure Equipment Fabrication Shop]

Unidro Heat Exchangers

As part of Unidro’s Vertical Integration program intended to provide quality and value to our customers, we manufacture our engineered pressure equipment in our own facility which is located 20 km away from the Unidro Head Office in Milan.  The modern features of the equipment in the workshop, the professional capability and skill of our personnel and the qualifications /certifications the company has attained, positions us as a trusted and high-quality industrial pressure equipment manufacturing.

Some Numbers

  • Covered Area: 3,000 m²
  • Uncovered Area: 2,000 m²
  • Vessel Diameter: 4.5 mt
  • Vessel Length: 25 mt
  • Weight: 70 tons (with additional cranes)
  • Welding Capacity: 200 mm

The Quality

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certifying Authority: Bureau Veritas
  • ASME U-STAMP Certifying Authority: Loyd’s Register
  • NATIONAL BOARD, “R1” Stamp, “R2” Stamp
  • Welded Pressure Vessels Class 1, Class 2.1 Certifying Authority: Lloyd’s Register
  • Welding Procedures Record Qualifications according to EN and ASME Certifying Authority:. Lloyd’s Register, BV, TUV
  • Welding Operator Qualification according to EN and ASME Certifying Authority:. ISPSEL, Lloyd’s Register, BV, TUV

What We Do

  • Heat exchangers of different types and materials of construction
  • Vacuum degasifiers, thermal deaerators, ejectors and vacuum groups
  • Phase separators, flash drums
  • Vane separators, cyclone separators, wire mesh separators
  • Cartridge filters, basket filters, carbon canisters
  • Direct & indirect heaters
  • Reboiler combustion chambers
  • Sea water evaporators