[Chemical Injection]

Unidro can provide a complete range of chemical injection units for both water and process streams for any industrial application including chemical, oil & gas and power industries.

The vast experience of Unidro in supplying sophisticated packages to the most demanding clients is applied to the chemical injection units as well.  This results in a complete customized design and construction that is in full compliance with the client’s specifications and applicable project requirements.

For each project Unidro selects the most suitable dosing pumps among the most renowned international manufacturers. Unidro complies and adapts its design to the applicable project restrictions such as pre-approved vendors or site restrictions such as the standardization of valves, instruments or pumps.

The completed skids including tanks, piping, steel structures and supports are specifically fabricated for our customers in Unidro’s fabrication shops according to the project requirements.  This ensures a full tailor-made product which meets our client’s demanding expectations. Unidro’s procurement, fabrication, assembly and testing process is implemented under the strict application of a certified Quality System which starts from a full material traceability to the final Factory Acceptance Test.

Unidro’s scope of supply may also include a complete process study to select the most suitable chemical compound. On site, lab jar tests and analysis may be provided if needed or required by our customer. It’s also available as a complete after sales service which is not limited to the supply of spare parts for the life of the equipment.  Unidro’s technical assistance is also included for maintenance, upgrading and a prompt troubleshooting service when required.  Unidro field engineers are available  for this type of work worldwide.